En Hubby Gelisahhh???

Today En hubby de tugas kt Tg. Bidara. Since early morning kt sana. The event is on for 3 days so En hubby decided utk sleepover his mom house at Alor Gajah. Easier for him  to travel back & forth to the event...but right before entry ni, he called. Kepenatan tp xleh lelap...hehe..boboi ghindu kt gegirl nye kes la ni. Even anak En hubby yg kecik ni pun pandai la. Jap2 awake kna BF. Pnt mama dibuatnyer...Ni la dinamakan Father Daughter Bonding kot..Hmm..K la. Bantal sulah memanggil. Nite bloggers...sweet dreams..jgn lupa Follow i yer n most importantly baca doa tidoq...tq..Salam

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