Sedihnya...luahan hati seorang ibu seolah2 tau dia akn pergi..

...she took it frm her friend's fb..cer bace

copy-paste from sheema's fb...(in pic)

a beautiful poem written by her 2 weeks before she passed away, for her daughter, Hylda's 2nd birthday...
seems that she knows that she will go away...
hopefully one day Hylda will get to read this, insya Allah...

I’m missing the warmth they offer
I’m missing the laughters that accompanied them always
Which magically instantly chase all the blues away..
And makes it seem possible to shoulder the world once again..

Hylda turns two today
The lonesome feels stronger today
I wish i can be with her
Singing happy birthday song to her
And see she blows the candle light away

And there he was my sweetheart
Always there
To shoo the guilt away
And bring in the sunshine to brighten up our days..
As always..

Dear Babygurl,
Daddy bought you a nice big birthday cake
For you to enjoy with your friends at school
Just in case you stopped a second to wonder
Where mommie is today..

Allah is great
I get to see my babygurl
On her special day of turning two years old today
And the sadness slowly fades away
Seeing her singing birthday song again and again
Enjoying the attention she gets despite her mommie is away

I am happy to see that my babygurl is happy today...

p/s: i'm quite affected with her death, i already bought baju raya for raina like her... and i started to appreciate small things that i never appreciated before...

Posted by haWa at 12:14 PM


  1. salam ziarah...nice belog:) Dah follow u;) dari mamaLUV

  2. tq kak for ur support..pasni bleh berguru ngn akk yer klu x keberatan...hehe



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